Concerns raised over U.K. ePassport warranties

While passing on the extended warranty usually isn't that bad of an idea for most products, when it comes to something as vital as a passport, you might as well bite the bullet and spring for it, just to have that extra peace of mind. Unfortunately, according to the BBC, it seems that officials in the U.K. realized this a little too late, and they're now stuck handing out spiffy new ePassports that have only a two-year warranty on the microchips that make 'em tick, despite the fact that passports are intended to be used for a full ten years. While the U.K.'s Home Office seems confident that the passports will hold up to the rigors of travel, the National Audit Office that discovered the curious oversight is nonetheless encouraging those responsible to inquire about extending the warranty to cover any future potential problems. If that weren't enough, there's also concerns that the necessary scanners for the passports won't be in place throughout the U.K. until March of this year, likely causing delays for travelers in the meantime. Surely they won't have any more problemsthanthat.