LG crafts new DMB chip, enables PIP TV viewing on handsets

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.08.07

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LG crafts new DMB chip, enables PIP TV viewing on handsets
LG's no stranger to cramming DMB capabilities into its handsets, and practically everything else it has a hand in too, but the company has now announced a brand new chip that ups the ante over existing renditions. This new chip reportedly enables users to "watch real-time television programs for four straight hours," compared to the three hour "limit" currently in place, but we seriously question the toll it'd take on your retinas to stare at such a diminutive display for an entire sixth of your day. Nevertheless, the chip is supposed to enhance signals as well, giving off that TV delight to a broader area of recipients by upwards of "30 percent." Additionally, it's slated to consume a good bit less power than current implementations, and of course, will allow users to access real-time traffic data and utilize TPEG technology while on the move, and just in case all that in the palm of your hands wasn't enough to keep you occupied, you can actually enjoy attempt to view two programs simultaneously thanks to the PIP functionality that this chip delivers. Time to upgrade those specs, eh?

[Via BoyGeniusReport]

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