Martin Frey's interaction projects make your senior thesis look lame

Sure, it might be a little bulky, and could probably use a few months / years of polish before it's ready for market, but we want one now. Martin Frey's prototype Just In Time Watch (pictured) is designed to eliminate to difficult and time consuming mental processes that usually go on when you look at a watch: what time is it, when's that next appointment, how long will it take to get there, when should I leave, etc. The watch can communicate with your cellphone to leech the internets and a GPS position. It then looks up your next appointment, and maps where you are in relation to the next place you need to be, along with how long it'll take you to get there, then displays the amount of time you have left to draw shaving cream smiley faces in the mirror before you actually need to take off. Another project by Martin Frey, titled "SnOil" is decidedly less functional, but makes up for it with extra sexy. The device is basically a low-resolution display made out of Ferrofluid -- you know, that weird magnetic-ish liquid stuff -- which lets you play a simple game of Snake on its few pixels, including a "GAME OVER" message when you screw up. Finally, Martin's CabBoots are a bit more conceptual, but are designed to steer the user by tilting the sole of the shoe to guide the wearer based on GPS data. Soon, in the Frey-designed future, we will always be on time to appointments (for our Ferrofluid massage, naturally) which we will arrive at after blindly following our shoes. We can't wait. Peep shots of this other stuff after the break.

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