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Planex's 750GB+ NAS server and BitTorrent client: make a label hate you

Planex loves 'em some BitTorrent so they're bringing us another network attached storage device with that copyright stompin' preload. The NAS-01G can be configured with up to 750GB of hot Seagate 'cuda 7200.10 disk (model NAS-01G750) or shipped as a shell for you to slot in any 3.5-inch SATA spinner of your choosing. Need more? Then go ahead and sling a few more disks off the 2x USB 2.0 jacks -- Planex won't mind, their NAS unit packs gigabit Ethernet to push that data around the home network on the quick. But make no mistake boy, it'll churn through torrents just fine without the need for your power-hungry PC or Mac soaking up the amperage all night. Save the environment and piss off a major label... good times. The NAS-01G750 is on sale now in Japan (with optional English firmware) for ¥82,000 or about $675.

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