Nerf Sports Pack for Nintendo Wii stops the violence -- sort of

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Paul Miller
February 12, 2007 4:27 PM
Nerf Sports Pack for Nintendo Wii stops the violence -- sort of
After six successful generations of hard plastic accessories, who could've guessed that generation seven would bring with it the Wiimote's penchant for screen destruction and innocent-bystander injury? That's why nobody batted an eye at those shiny and solid Wii Sports attachments for simulating golf clubs and tennis rackets in the beginning, but a few contusions later we're all looking for a way to cut down on risk. Enter Nerf with soft, forgiving, foam-built attachments for a bit of added realism for your golf, tennis or baseball game without all the pain. No word on price yet for these suckers, but we've got a feeling they'll be selling like gangbusters when they hit shelves this Summer. Hopefully next up will be a Manhunt 2 Nerf pack with various, erm, attachments for bumping the realism to Rockstar's upcoming murder simulator -- 'cause hitting your buddies with a Nerf baseball bat is only fun the first 500 times or so.
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