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Popular Science picks at the brain behind Spore, Will Wright

Jared Rea
Jared Rea|February 12, 2007 8:30 PM
In a massive eight page interview, game industry legend Will Wright talks about everything from the sociology of online gaming, his aspirations growing up and perhaps most importantly, his upcoming title, Spore.

While the whole interview demands a read from those interested in anything Wright related, combing through it reveals a few tidbits regarding the looming project.

Wright is still aiming for a Fall, 2007 release and while he doesn't go into the specifics of other consoles (Spore is, after all, a PC title), he does mention how the game is agnostic enough to go from the PC, to the Wii and even a cell phone. While it's nothing terribly new to us, he does go more in-depth as to the argument for each platform.

The majority of the article revolves around Spore and the incredibly complex nature of its design. So grab a drink, relax and wrap your head around one of this year's biggest titles.

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