Square-Enix, still the loyal PlayStation enthusiasts

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|02.12.07

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Square-Enix, still the loyal PlayStation enthusiasts

Yoichi Wada put on his "President of Square-Enix" hat and recently talked about the future of the PlayStation 3 and, uh, Dragon Quest. Here's what's worth gleaning:

  • Even though Dragon Quest IX is being developed for and released on the Nintendo DS, Wada claims that Square-Enix is not changing its development strategy. The DQ titles aren't moving permanently to the handhelds.
  • Wada follows that with: "Following portable machines, we see the market for the PlayStation 3 and other next generation consoles taking off, so we will develop for that."
  • Wada feels that the PlayStation 3 will take off once HD-TV's are in place in most homes. "We have expectations from the PS3. However, it's still early. For us to do business [on the platform], it will take a bit more time...Once the television environment is in place, at last the true game business will form. I see the PS3 market taking off starting around 2008."
  • Wada even takes a shot at us bloggers, who seem to fully encompass the terms "impatience" and "rumor hunting mercenary flamebait revolution-inciting bastards"... or something. "Some journalists don't understand that there's a difference in the amount of time hardware takes to spread and have taken the tone of 'the world of high vision, high quality gaming has come to an end.' However, once you see the world of high vision, there's no going back." That's true. I can't play on my other, non-HD televisions anymore.

Wada concludes with saying that casual gamers will snag up the Wii, DS, and PSP. Those who want a "fuller experience" will seek out the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. All we can say is: indeed. Personally, I don't mind waiting until 2008. I've a huge backlog of games to get through anyway.

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