Asus ScreenDUO auxiliary desktop display previewed

Although Windows Vista has been scrutinized in just about every aspect imaginable, Asus threw out a clever deviation to Microsoft's SideShow functionality when it unveiled the ScreenDUO-equipped desktop motherboards. Unlike SideShow on a laptop's auxiliary display, this bundled in module connects directly to Asus' motherboards and includes the firm's own proprietary software to offer up useful extras on your handheld screen that Gates and Co. aren't likely to supply. The kind folks over at TechReport were able to give us a first-hand look at the stylish display, and also offered up a few suggestions of how it's best utilized. The unit itself measures about 4- x 2.5- x 0.75-inches, rocks a 2.5-inch QVGA screen, a directional pad, rear kickstand, USB port, and several buttons placed along the top and front. It was noted that Asus' software catered more towards desktop needs, and rather than providing easy access to "things like email," it offered up customized iTunes / media player controls, calendar views, photo viewers, Outlook contact lists, RSS readers, hardware monitoring applications, etc. Interestingly, the ScreenDUO was dubbed less like a secondary display and more like a "secondary interface," and while the initial list of widgets are respectable, the company's future support of the display will likely make or break its usefulness -- but honestly, where's the touchscreen support, Asus?