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Meizu CEO: we only kind of knocked off the iPhone

Meizu CEO: we only kind of knocked off the iPhone
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|February 14, 2007 12:39 PM

Funny, we rarely, if ever see a company producing Chinese knocks of high profile devices start defending themselves, but it sounds like Meizu wants to (partly) shed the bad light cast on its M8, er, miniOne non-iPhone. According to some posts in their forums by someone who appears to be Meizu's CEO, J.Wong, the original M8 design for a massive-touchscreen cellphone debuted four days before Macworld -- however, the design was still undergoing changes, and when Apple launched their product, so Meizu reworked the aesthetic, added some metal, slimmed it down, and voila, M8 cum miniOne. We recognize that's some serious gray area for Meizu to be treading -- kind of the design equivalent of double-checking your answers with your neighbors' before turning in your test -- but let's face it, a phone like that coming out of China, it would have been pegged an iPhone knock either way. Plus, they were still ahead of the game with that insane 720 x 480 res screen they've apparently spent $1m US ordering in bulk. So take this one for what you will, but we think Meizu's among the first to keep it somewhat real while still managing to keep it real fake.

[Via Engadget Chinese, thanks Kevin]

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