Rogers officially announces Blackberry 8800

Brian White
B. White|02.15.07

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Rogers officially announces Blackberry 8800
With the RIM 8800 having been through the review cycle recently, it seems fitting for Canada's Rogers Wireless to officially announce the newer Blackberry for sale from official channels -- not quite so fast though. The press release from Rogers states that the 8800 -- which will be exclusive to Rogers in Canada -- "is expected to be available in retail and business channels in March." Yawn, wake up when March comes, please. All in all, the Blackberry 8800 has now been "introduced" by Rogers as of, well, today -- but no availability for at least a few weeks. When it comes out, finally, customers on Rogers Wireless' service will have the newest Blackberry in their hands with all that EDGE goodness and thin-phone likeness -- as the 8800 is reportedly the thinnest Blackberry ever.

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