Bigfoot intros lower-end Killer K1 network interface card

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.16.07

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Bigfoot intros lower-end Killer K1 network interface card
Perhaps a $250 network interface card was a bit too much for your wallet to handle, and even after reading the review, you were left wishing that Bigfoot would introduce a slightly less-spec'd rendition for the budget-minded set. If that's you, today's your lucky day, as you can take the money you didn't end up spending on an overpriced-for-the-day bouquet of roses yesterday and put it towards a probably unnecessary NIC. Similar to its big brother, the PCI-based Killer K1 boasts Lag & Latency Reduction (LLR) technology that "optimizes the way networking works in your computer" in order to deliver the best possible ping times. Moreover, it touts gigabit speeds, a 333MHz network processing unit which runs a unique version of Linux to remove the burden of processing packets from your CPU, 64MB of DDR RAM, a USB 2.0 port for future FNApps upgrades, and support for both Windows XP and Vista. Of course, with a card that looks this good, you'll probably end up forking out for an acrylic case while you're at it, but the Killer K1 itself can be picked up now for a "special price" of $149.99.

[Via ExtremeTech]
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