Mizuguchi-produced single to grace Japanese phones

Jonti Davies
J. Davies|02.16.07

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Mizuguchi-produced single to grace Japanese phones
"Chaku-song" and "chaku-movie" represent Japan's most popular system for getting full songs and music videos to replace traditional ringtones on cell phones. And now Tetsuya Mizuguchi is in on the game, with the release in Japan yesterday of his Genki Rockets' "Heavenly Star" track in the "chaku-song" and "chaku-movie" formats. Phone users in Japan can download the soaring technopop of "Heavenly Star" (vocal and all) to their handsets for just ¥105 (US$0.88), with the music vid going for ¥315 (US$2.64). Welcome to synaesthesia, indeed.
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