Impenetrable Iron Drive withstands "nuclear stresses"

Just in case having a bulletproof flash drive isn't secure enough for you, it looks like the Iron Drive just might tout the ballistics protection your data insists on having. Produced by R&D Electronics, the Iron Drive has reportedly been tested with withstand "high temperature, shock, vibration, caustic agents, submersion, EMI, and nuclear stresses," and even looks like an oversized vehicle cigarette lighter as to hopefully divert any data thieves who glance at it. The unit is purportedly designed for "harsh military and commercial (read: hostile office) environments," measures four-inches in length, comes in 32MB to 4GB sizes, touts USB 2.0 connectivity, and features just about every military-grade protection you can imagine. As expected, there's no pricing information readily available, but if you get nuked anytime soon, what's your money (or data, for that matter) worth anyway?

[Via Slashgear]