Sony's 1/1.8-inch high-speed CMOS sensor outputs 60fps

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.19.07

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Sony's 1/1.8-inch high-speed CMOS sensor outputs 60fps
Thankfully, it looks like Sony has come through yet again, and while it wasn't exactly in the timeliest of manners, the high-speed CMOS sensor that it promised would deliver 60fps of video output is finally upon us. The 1/1.8-inch IMX017CQE sensor boasts 6.4-megapixels of resolution and the uncanny ability to "output this resolution at 60 frames per second (a data rate of around 384 megapixels per second)." In layman's terms, this chip has the ability to capture full motion video and grab high-quality stills without dropping a single frame, giving users a seamless transition between the two. Additionally, the 1/1.8-inch size and its ability to deliver 300 frames per second at lower resolutions moves it a bit further from the pack, not to mention the 12-bit A/D converter for each column. No word just yet on when these video-centric chips will hit Sony's CyberShot lineup, but it's an awful lot closer to reality than the last time we caught wind of it. [Warning: PDF read link]

[Via DPReview]
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