Engadget Exclusive: Sony's 2007 Cybershot lineup

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Thomas Ricker
February 20, 2007 7:07 AM
Engadget Exclusive: Sony's 2007 Cybershot lineup

That's right, we've got 'em -- catalog shots for Sony's 2007 Cybershot line-up of digital cameras. Go ahead, check the new T20HDPR, T100, T20, H9, H7, G1 (pictured), W200, and W90 Cybershots -- you won't be sorry. All the new cams bring Sony's Super SteadyShot image stabilization and HD output to the show in addition to a hot mix of features spread out across the line; these include such notables as 802.11b/g WiFi with DLNA support, 2GB on-board memory for music playback, a 3-inch tilt-screen LCD, 3.5-inch (yes, 3.5-inch!) LCD, a couple of 15x optical zooms, face-detection technology, and BIONZ image processing -- good to know. Judging by the pics, we can expect a formal, pre-PMA show announcement from Sony on 27 February. Check the gallery below for all the details.
[Thanks, anonymous tipster]
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