Ross Erickson leaves MS for Sierra Online

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Ross Erickson leaves MS for Sierra Online
Ross Erickson leaves MS for Sierra Online

XBLA's Worldwide Games Portfolio Manager and longtime friend of Xbox 360 Fanboy, Ross Erickson, is leaving his position at Microsoft. As the Portfolio Manager, it was Erickson's job to find good candidates for Xbox Live Arcade and decide which ones were right for the service. In an email to X3F (that's us), Erickson noted that he has enjoyed his time with Microsoft, working since the very beginnings of Xbox Live Arcade. He notes that it has been "gratifying to see the success of Live Arcade and the acceptance of this new space as a viable channel for game developers (both small and large) [to] get their creativity in front of consumers."

Erickson has accepted the position of Vice President of Content Acquisition for Sierra Online, a branch of Vivendi Universal Games. 360 Fanboy readers will recognize Sierra Online for their Xbox Live Arcade title, Assault Heroes and the upcoming 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures. Erickson assures us that Live Arcade has been left in capable hands and that there are many great things to come for Live Arcade.

We would be remiss if we didn't mention that Greg Canessa, former Group Manager of Xbox Live Arcade recently left Microsoft for PopCap. Erickson assures us that his departure does not signal a shakeup of Live Arcade.

Finally, Erickson leaves us with this note: "remember, I've yet to play my most favorite game of all on XBLA ...." Hmm ... what game might that be?

We wish Ross luck in his new endeavor.

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