Sigma finally cops to a release date for its SD14 DSLR

Well it'll have been over six months between the time we first heard about it and when it actually hits store shelves, but we finally have a solid release date for the somewhat-anticipated, Foveon-packing Sigma SD14 DSLR. If it's possible for you to remember back that far, you may recall that Sigma attempted to drum up some interest in this 14 megapixel shooter with a teaser campaign in late August of last year, just before it was officially announced at Photokina 2006. The disappointment came a few months later when Sigma pushed back the SD14's street launch to March, citing some hardware issue that the company wouldn't disclose. And according to a press release on Sigma's website, the problem has indeed been addressed, with the camera scheduled to ship starting on the 6th of next month. Keep in mind, though, that this model isn't for the thrifty -- it's gonna cost you over $2,000 to get in on this action.