Wiiminder: tabbed browsing courtesy of Warp Pipe

Warp Pipe Technologies, who you may remember as the only people ever to support the Gamecube modem, ever, have turned their attentions to a Nintendo console with an actual online strategy. Now they're helping to augment the existing Wii online experience with tabbed browsing. By making the Wii Opera browser work more like the real Opera browser, they've added tabbed browsing (with nice smoke-grey transparent tabs). Just navigate your browser over to here and your browser will be ready to party like it's 2001.

We are so much happier about web-based Wii browser extensions (which are already great!) when they are accompanied by such lovely logos. It's the typography that does it. It's so handsome.

... what were we saying? Oh yeah. There's a video demonstrating the service after the post break.

[Via 4cr]