ATI's R600 graphics chip hits snag

We've had our eye on ATI"s new top-end R600 graphics chip for some time now, first getting a look at some impressive early benchmarks and then being taken aback by the foot-long graphics card the chips will call home (at least in some configurations). Sadly, it seems that those with money and power (as in 270W) to spare will have to wait a bit longer to slot one of the behemoths into their own PCs, with The Inquirer reporting that the R600 chips, and consequently the graphics cards based on 'em, have been delayed yet again, now pushed back to sometime in the second quarter of this year. There doesn't seem to be any word on the reason for the delay, but the news apparently came straight from ATI parent company AMD. Given what the cards are likely to cost, however, we're guessing that at least some won't be too disappointed in the delay, with the extra time allowing you to save up some more money and make some more excuses for why you're spending so much on a graphics card.

[Via TG Daily]