Reader WoWspace of the Week: February 14 - 20

It's Wednesday night, so you know what that means!! No, not LOST.. sheesh.. It's time for Reader WoWspace of the Week, the lengthily-titled spotlight on YOU and YOUR SYSTEM!

This week it's back to a very clean setup, with a nice graphical twist at the end. I'll let the submitter explain:

I saw your article yesterday on Reader WoWspace and it reminded me of the glorious days of the site Spymac which used to ave a similar feature for Mac users.

It was enough to inspire me to dust off the digital camera and take a couple shots of the 3 places that I play most of my Warcraft at these days. The first is in my office which features a 30" Apple Cinema display being driven by a Dual G5 PowerMac (not shown). Next it on the desk is a 15" MacBookPro. Picture #2 is being driven by a 17" PowerBook on the previous generation 23" Cinema display and the last one (and perhaps the most comfortable!) is the 15" MacBookPro in ye 'olde comfortable chair (you gotta love WiFi).

What can I say, this game drives you to do some strange things and hence my motivation for sending in these pics. In 2006, I setup a little guild website called which has turned into a collection of videos / comics / pictures about WoW that highly the creativity of the community. It's just something I did for fun and I thank for also highlighting the best in the wow community.

Take care,

Denver, CO
Tauren Druid (currently lvl 61) on Proudmoore

I'm just a big fan of the clean setup, but the real kicker is here. Take a look at the back of his MacBook Pro! Imagine taking this puppy to meetings with clients - those in the know will fear you and respect you simply because you're showing off the might of the Horde. It just gives me a good laugh. I wonder what non-WoW players think of it. Have any of you customized your rigs with WoW art or designs?