Samsung's K3 reviewed -- "so sleek, it's illegal"

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Thomas Ricker
February 21st, 2007
Samsung's K3 reviewed -- "so sleek, it's illegal"

We've seen Samsung's K3 in product shots, pre-release gropes, and out prowling the floor at CES. What we haven't seen until now, is a proper, full-on review of the tiny flash audio player. Fortunately, CNET Asia just corrected that in their usual good, bad, bottom-line review style. Their verdict? The player is sweet, but not tasty enough to warrant an editor's choice rating. Still it pulled a "Very Good" 7.7 of 10 points for its design which is "so sleek, it's illegal" (whatever that means) and "above average" battery life tested at 26 hours 50 minutes while looping 240MB worth of MP3 tracks. The new Media Studio software -- dubbed a "gorgeous" blend of iTunes and Sony's SonicStage -- didn't hurt the rating either. The only real nits are the K3's "smudgy surface" (read: attracts fingerprints) and its proprietary cable. Otherwise, it's one hot piece of DAP which we can already attest to.

[Thanks, Samsung Fan Boy]
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