Metareview: Trioncube

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Metareview: Trioncube
With news that Trioncube has gone gold, the press have started to receive their copies of the title and weigh in on its value. So far, from what is being said by these critics, the game doesn't offer much to distinguish itself from the bunch and falls in line as a generic puzzler. This saddens us, as not only are we puzzle junkies, but we're ... well, that's it, really. We're just puzzle junkies.

So, what did the press say?
  • NTSC-UK (70/100) says the game is a melting pot of great features: "Trioncube's mesmerisingly spartan yet compulsive gameplay, married to the charming presentation, indelible soundtrack and reward trail, often confect to make this feel like a honeyed breath of fresh air." [JPN Import]
  • Nintendo Power (55/100) does not find the game to be unique at all: "The alternate name for falling-piece puzzler Trioncube could be My First Tetris." [Mar. 2007, p.89]
  • Edge Magazine (50/100) finds the game lacking the essential cruelty that comes with puzzle games: "Without the challenge and cruelty that can make a classic, the results here are likeable, confident, and nowhere near essential." [Mar 2007, p.86]
  • GamePro (50/100) thinks the game doesn't bring much to the table: "Trioncube doesn't offer much for a puzzle game. There's little depth or difficulty to be found, and while the odd story is surprisingly entertaining, it isn't enough to keep you playing for long."
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