Quantum / AvMap's QTM 1000 Nav handheld touts DVB-H and GPS

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.22.07

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Quantum / AvMap's QTM 1000 Nav handheld touts DVB-H and GPS
Quantum and AvMap are teaming up to produce what they dub the "world's first" DVB-H capable Pocket TV with SAT NAV functionality, and while we've seen a touch of DVB-H in handheld devices before, it's good to see yet another creation joining the do-it-all fray. Announced at 3GSM, the Linux-based QTM 1000 Nav boasts a 4.3-inch WQVGA widescreen display, 400:1 contrast ratio, 80-degree viewing angle, DVR functionality, 128MB of Flash memory, 64MB of onboard RAM, an SD card slot, dual stereo speakers, a four-hour rechargeable battery, SiRF Star III receiver, Tele Atlas maps, and USB 2.0 connectivity. Aside from playing back DVB-H signals at 25 frames-per-second, it also allows viewing / purchasing of Pay TV channels, and it plays nice with H.264, MPEG4, AAC, MP3, JPEG / GIF / PNG, M4V, and AVI files when not tuning in to a broadcast. Unfortunately, there weren't any details regarding price or future availability, but those kicking around in Europe should give this one some serious consideration if you're looking to consolidate.
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