The "F@rmphone" coming for all those in-field needs

Brian White
B. White|02.22.07

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The "F@rmphone" coming for all those in-field needs
As if there wasn't enough WM units out there with navigation ability, how about one called the "F@rmphone?" In a highly value-added version of Glofiish X500, we again have to giggle at symbols being used in the name of a handset which just confuses the pronunciation. Slicker-than-slick marketing there. Not. Anyway, the F@rmphone comes with WM5, 400MHz CPU, 128MB ROM and 64MB RAM, obligatory 320x240 screen and microSD expansion. Landing out the wireless details are 802.11g, GSM quad and GPRS/EDGE -- no 3G here. But the glam is in the software for tracking, well anything (like runaway tractors perhaps.) PocketArea, PocketNav and Trackomat are included here, which are all designed for the farm environment for navigation and remote monitoring and control.
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