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Mat Lu
M. Lu|02.24.07

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All Mac University
Everybody knows that the Mac and higher education are supposed to go together like, well... like two things that go really well together. However, those of us that have spent a lot of time on campus lately realize that is often not the case. At my own university (and the one I recently left), the Mac is distinctly a second-class citizen (though there are some Macs around here, and a very passionate band of Mac-heads that keeps the IT people from abandoning us completely). For instance, when I got here I was issued a Dell which sits quietly in my office doing, well, nothing and the university recently standardized on Microsoft's Exchange server and Outlook as a putatively cost-saving move.

With that said, it's nice to see someplace moving in the right direction: Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, PA recently announced that the campus was going 100% Mac. According to Scott Byers, a Wilkes vice president, "Macs are constructed with superior technology and hardware and their ability to run Windows means we still have access to any Windows programs... It's the best of both worlds." Apple's marketing department could hardly have said it better! The university is spending $1.4 million on the switch over and "expects to replenish its 1700-computer network with Macs in the next three years" to create "a virtually virus-free IT network." Let's hope that this marks the start of a trend.

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