Dolby to buy BrightSide HDR technology for $28 mill

BrightSide Technologies blew observers away with demos of its high dynamic range (HDR) HDTVs back in 2005 but we haven't heard much about them since then. Today the technology might have come a step closer to commercial release as the company has reach an agreement to be acquired by Dolby for $28 million. BrightSide's Extreme Dynamic Range displays are capable of contrast ratios far beyond todays LCDs, and a maximum brightness far better than even that 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio OLED we saw at CES. Still, just like OLED and SED this is another technology that promises to take HDTVs to a whole new level of realism but has more hurdles to jump before it hits the mass market. Here's hoping we see this on store shelves sooner, rather than later -- minus the enormous ugly bezel though, we have a reputation for style to keep up.