GE develops high efficiency incandescent bulbs

Incandescent is getting a pretty bad name in today's going-green society, but GE wants to salvage the tech with innovation before it's scrapped for the ages in laws that ban its use at home and abroad. GE's new high efficiency incandescent (HEI) lamp doubles the efficiency of today's 15 lumens-per-Watt incandescent bulbs achieving something closer to fluorescents -- which GE claims has the potential of saving supposedly hundreds of millions of tons of carbon dioxide annually, if adopted universally, of course. We doubt it's any coincidence that this announcement was made so shortly after the Australia's law and California's bill against incandescent bulbs, but the message is clear: save power, or Croc Dundee and the Governator will hunt you down and bad things will happen.

[Via Slashdot]