Homebrewed Windows Mobile 6 on HTC Hermes!

Brian White
B. White|02.27.07

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Homebrewed Windows Mobile 6 on HTC Hermes!
Are you the proud owner of an Cingular / AT&T 8525 or other variant of the HTC Hermes WM5 handset? If so, you will be glad to know that some regular users/experts on that particular device have managed to get the newer Windows Mobile 6 OS onboard for that oh-so-good-upgrade feeling we all know and love. The residents over at xda-developers have posted a near-final WM6 ROM for that sweet Hermes from a recent carrier leak, with these niceties: an anti-CID / SIM lock was hacked, a custom installer was made and even a few apps were pre-installed on the WM6 ROM that may be begging to live inside that Hermes you have in your hand or pocket. Get it quick, though, as rumor has it xda-developers will be pulling all ROM images down, like, this week.

[Thanks, Aaron]
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