Readers pick best webcomic, now with Google

Ross Miller
R. Miller|02.27.07

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Readers pick best webcomic, now with Google
In the event of a tie, the supreme dictator has the right to choose which comic he deems most worthy, and therefore I am deigning the rare victor Fanboys Online the best webcomic of the week over the often favorite VG Cats (Sorry, Scott 1, but Scott 2 doesn't nearly get the same amount of recognition.) Third place goes to Dueling Analogs' clever mashup of some of our favorite games.

Last week's list was over-indulgent, and we intend to purge it of its gluttonous weight and trim according to quality. We have a better idea of what the readers enjoy, but we will ultimately leave the selection up to supreme dictators (read: us). We promise to always showcase the little guys as much as possible, so as not to become a perpetual fistfight amongst the top 5 gaming comics.

With that said, thanks to everyone who voted and be sure to let us know of any game-related comics you stumble upon this week!

Here's the breakdown:

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