Boomwave??? Bearaphim iPod case

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Erica Sadun
February 28th, 2007
Boomwave??? Bearaphim iPod case
A word of caution to diabetics: this iPod case is so cute and so sweet that it may just turn your stomach, let alone make you need to inject insulin. In a design that's calculated to make people utter "Awwww! Look at the cute widdle iPod case! Isn't it the cutest widdle iddy biddy nano case evah!", Boomwave Products offers a protective nano case with Teddy-bear ears and angel wings. (The wings let you wrap your earbud wires when they're not in use.) And if that weren't enough, each case comes with a matched doggy tag for users to wear so they can feel close to their iPod case even when they're not actually, you know, listening to music. And of course, you'll have a "beary good time" with it. Shudder.
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