Namco Bandai announce Outpost Kaloki successor for Wii

Jared Rea
J. Rea|02.28.07

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Namco Bandai announce Outpost Kaloki successor for Wii
While not a true sequel to the Xbox Live Arcade launch title, Namco Bandai have announced Space Station Tycoon for the Nintendo Wii; a follow-up to NinjaBee's Outpost Kaloki X. This will be the first title that has gone from a console specific, download initiative and turned into a full-fledged retail product.

In an interview with IGN, players from both Namco Bandai and Wahoo Studios (the house of NinjaBee) talk at length in bringing their intergalactic management sim to the Wii. Aside from a bevy of tweaks and improvements to the core of the game, Space Station Tycoon will feature customizable space stations, co-operative play and will be entirely playable with only the Wii remote.

The developers also make it clear that Space Station Tycoon does not utilize any content from Outpost Kaloki. Still, it does look mighty familiar. Space Station Tycoon is currently scheduled for a Summer 2007 release.
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