Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Ten Unsung Games

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|03.01.07

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Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Ten Unsung Games

Everyone knows about the good Indiana Jones games (because there have only been a couple), but do you remember the unsung games of Indy's yesteryear? Gnomeslair has compiled a list of the ten best unsung Indiana Jones games, and there's a few on there that really bring back memories. Although we'd have to argue and say that the Atari 2600 Raiders of the Lost Ark game wasn't really unsung ... people loved that game. Mostly because it was about the best you could do in 1982, and thankfully it wasn't the E.T. game.

Likewise with the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom arcade game that came out in 1985. That was a game that used a voice synthesizer ("Soon Kali Ma will rule the world!") and had that really fun mine cart sequence in it. Sure it got ridiculous, with Indy having to whip flaming hearts out of the air, but so what. It ate our quarters faster than anything.

Check out the list and let us know if these should be sung or unsung. It's really made us want to boot up ScummVM and play Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine all over again. Plus we might have to start bugging Nintendo and asking if Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures will be coming over to the Wii via the Virtual Console. And Lucasarts, when is your Indiana Jones game coming out, eh?

[Thanks, Konstantinos]
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