XM and Sirius offer reassurance regarding existing radios

Whilst raising the prospect of having Howard and Oprah on the same set, the announcement of a merger between Sirius and XM may also have presented the unappealing possibility that radio sets bought before the merger would become obsolete and stop functioning after the two companies joined. Not so: the two companies have made a statement to current XM and Sirius subscribers to say that current radios will work just fine after the two companies become one. This pledge comes after the companies asserted that owners of old kit wouldn't be left out in the cold in a recent conference call with analysts. As well as reassuring stock price influencing analysts -- both XM and Sirius's stock prices dropped recently due to concern regarding backwards compatibility and potential monopoly issues -- the soon-to-be-merged companies are carrying out ad campaigns (including a full page open letter in USA Today) to let current customers know that they will be able to tap into new programming once it becomes available. Now that that's out of the way, let the speculation about the name of the system after "merger day" begin: we think "Xirium" has got a certain ring to it.