Sirius and XM set to merge?

Well, we can't exactly say that we didn't see this one coming, but for the deal to actually get inked would indeed be something special. According to the New York Post, Sirius and XM are all set to announce a merger deal after hammering out details all weekend long. Of course, it was noted that the somewhat shaky agreement "could fall apart at any time," and interestingly enough, both companies purportedly spent the majority of their (and their lawyers) time ironing out the good stuff while leaving "regulatory concerns" on the back burner. Unfortunately, those very issues could be insurmountable hurdles, as the typically stubborn FCC certainly has played hard ball with each company before, and having one overriding satellite provider with no competition in sight is ripe for monopoly arguments. Regardless, you won't find us complaining about a little Howard just a few channels down from Oprah, or a dash of MLB just a dozen notches from the NFL, but considering that gaining that oh-so-critical regulatory approval "could take up to 15 months," we wouldn't count on your lineup changing anytime soon no matter what.