Sirius wooing XM into merging?

XM and Sirius, Sirus and XM -- fanboys, start your engines. Not that there's really much to go by here, but a very fluffy bit from the NY Times suggests that the company with the larger market cap (Sirius, at $5.26B) is increasingly saccharine about the idea of forming with its market-leading counterpart (XM, at $4.08B). Sure, judging by a number of statements and quotes from senior Sirius execs who seem anxious at the idea of cutting their losses, pooling their subscribers, and letting America live in one content-bountiful satellite radio utopia, one might think this is a real possibility. Unfortunately we don't yet have any real reason to believe there have been talks going on behind the scenes, nor has XM said much of anything of the idea -- and don't even get us started on what the SEC and FCC would think about the only two players in the market merging to become a sat-rad monopoly. We're not saying it's not gonna happen, but the NY Times is singing the same tune about an XM and Sirius merger that many have sung since day one. Still, Howard and Oprah peacefully coexisting on the same network? Bring it on.