Howard Stern through dodging FCC's bullets, moves to Sirius in 2006

Howard Stern

We're not sure what kind of coaxing Sirius had to do in order to get him (and we're not so sure we want to know, either), but unlike the rest of America (for now anyway), Howard Stern is taking the plunge head first into satellite radio starting January 1st, 2006. Perhaps it's because of the lack of decency regulations, or perhaps it was a beefy multi-million dollar contract, but any way it went down, it means that if you want to hear his radio show you're going to have to sign up for Sirius service, which is a seriously big deal not only for Sirius, but for the radio industry. Perhaps he'll change his monicker from The King of All Media to The King of Some Yet Un-established Private Media? But perhaps what's most shocking here are the XM ads that are still running on his personal web site. Go figure.