Sirius Stiletto delay FCC-related?

Let's recap: Sirius gets us all in a tizzy by announcing its first "personal live satellite radio product," then opens up the floodgates to pre-orders, and suddenly pulls the rug out from under the whole deal by demanding that retailers stop taking orders of the Stiletto 100 under further notice. The cause behind such a curious sequence of events might not be manufacturing hangups, supplier shortages, or any of the most common issues related with postponed launches -- rather, the company may simply be waiting for an FCC ID number. Considering the agency hasn't exactly been an ally in Sirius' production process (nor XM's, to be fair), we aren't terribly surprised at the supposed culprit. A tiny, albeit powerful snippet of fine print within FCC guidelines prohibits the marketing of products that aren't in good standing with the commission, which gives strong suspicion that Sirius is just holding its horses until the Stiletto 100 is granted its oh-so-honorable identification tag -- whenever that may be.

[Via Orbitcast]