XM suspends shipments of certain radio units, Sirius might follow

Man, talk about rough months. First XM feels the business end of the litigious spear when the record labels sued 'em over Inno recording, then their acquisition of WCS was squashed, and now XM must suspend shipments of certain radio units after suffering the attentions of the FCC. Specifically, XM has temporarily ceased shipments of their SkyFi 2 (pictured) and Audiovox Xpress due to concern over excess emissions from the on-board FM transmitters. The suspension might also spill over to their Roady XT and Sports Caster in addition to certain radio units sold by arch-rivals, Sirius. The good news for XM is that the whole mess should get sorted without a recall and on the cheap. Still, some of these units have been on the market for years making us wonder: 1) what took the FCC so long to figure this out, and b) why did they approve them in the first place?