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Toyota, Honda, and Italdesign compete for attention in Geneva

Toyota, Honda, and Italdesign compete for attention in Geneva
Donald Melanson
Donald Melanson|@donmelanson|March 6, 2007 4:06 PM
Looks like Geneva's the place to be this week for those looking for a glimpse of a more fuel-efficient, sci fi-inspired future, with car companies doing their best to out-do one another with their respective concept vehicles on display at the Geneva Motor Show. Three of the vehicles unveiled so far are the Hybrid-X from Toyota (top left), the Small Hybrid Sports from Honda (top right), and the VAD.HO from Italdesign (bottom). Both the Toyota and Honda cars are based on advanced versions of the company's current gas/electric hybrid engines, which means that even if the concepts themselves don't make it to the assembly line, their innards could well find their way into some of the company's other vehicles. Italdesign's VAD.HO concept car, on the other hand, opts to use BMW's Hydrogen 7 engine, which is also equally capable of running on plain old gasoline. Sure to attract the most attention, however, is what's wrapped around that engine, with the car sporting a long and mean design with room for just one passenger, not to mention an interior equipped with joystick controls and a full compliment of video screens. Click on through for a couple of larger pics of each, then hit up the appropriate links below to check 'em out from every angle.

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