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AT&T Homezone launches scheduled recording by cellphone

AT&T Homezone launches scheduled recording by cellphone
Evan Blass
Evan Blass|March 7, 2007 10:37 AM
There's no question that the DVR is a welcome advancement over the old school VCR, but even the new tech won't do much for you if you leave the house and forget to set your box to record. Certain services like TiVo let you program your machine from a distant PC -- and let's not forget how easy Orb makes remote recording -- and now AT&T is offering its Homezone subscribers an even sweeter deal, allowing them to get their record on directly from web-capable cellphones. At the office but forgot to set your box to capture Guiding Light? No problem. Out to dinner on a Monday when you realize Heroes starts in five minutes? Again, you're golden. You're upstairs playing WOW on a Friday night and can't tear yourself away from the current raid to tape a Full House marathon on Nick at Night? Um, you may have bigger problems than AT&T and your cellphone can solve. Anyway, Homezone customers can access this new feature immediately -- along with an influx of 10,000 downloads from Akimbo -- so things should get just a little more exciting while you bide your time waiting for U-Verse.

[Via textually]