Brando offering the old Wiimote dock / battery combo on the cheap

If there's one thing the world can't have enough of, it's certainly food compassion iPod peripherals Wiimote dock-cum-charging-stations (battery usually included). We've already seen these hot products range from $25 for Thrustmaster's T-Charge NW to $30 for Nyko's Wii Charge Station to $39 for JoyTech's Wii PowerStation, so the $17 Brando's asking for its no frills Wii Charger Stand should come as good news to the cheap gamer in all of us. Other than the low price, however, not much stands here: you get an extra battery -- unlike the Joytech and Nyko models, which each give you two additional packs plus two slots for charging -- and cradle which glows a shade of red that's sure to drive you mad. So if you're short on cash or do most of your gaming solo -- hey, nothing wrong with that -- this could be the dock / battery combo that you've been pining for.