Thrustmaster unveils bevy of Wiimote accessories

If you can't penetrate the market early, you might as well arrive fashionably late with a tempting pricetag, right?. Apparently, Thrustmaster's trying to do just that with its latest barrage of Wiimote accessories, as the firm's charging (and non-charging) docking stations arrive a few months after JoyTech and Nyko's renditions, and the Wiimote sleeves are almost an afterthought at this point. Nevertheless, the T-Charge NW comes in black or white finishes, charges two AA cells via USB (four included), sports a blue status LED, and of course, neatly holds your dear Wiimote / nunchuck combo. The T-Care NW removes the charging functionality, but still manages to include a set of silicone protector sleeves for one Wiimote / nunchuck tandem, and if you're already set in the dock department, the controller covers are available all by their lonesome as well. Thrustmaster's lineup seems to hit all the main areas of concern, including price, as a set of sleeves will run you $9.99 while the T-Care NW and T-Charge NW demand $14.99 and $24.99, respectively. So if you're intrigued about these budget-friendly offerings and just adore high-resolution shots, head on over to Joystiq for a gallery of photos while you wait for these to land in April.

[Via Joystiq]