Free GRAW Chapter 2 in latest OXM

Yes, we are a little slow on reporting this, but better late than never right? Gamertag Radio found out that in the April issue of Official Xbox Magazine you'll be pleased to find that the Chapter 2 content for GRAW will be included on the demo disc. True, the magazine does cost $10, but if you're a regular subscriber or are a religious purchaser, then all the better. If you remember, the Chapter 2 content was originally released to on the XBLM for a whopping 1200 Microsoft Points, but was recently discounted to a more reasonable 600 Points. So, if you play GRAW, buy the April issue of OXM, haven't purchased the Chapter 2 content, and won't be purchasing GRAW 2 ... then it'll be like Christmas all over again, but in March.

[Via Joystiq, Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]