NXP Software's swGPS SnapSpot tech for GPS photo tagging

Sony got a good jump on the industry with its proprietary GPS-CS1 device for geotagging Cybershot pics, but NXP Software's new SnapShot is playing catch-up at PMA this week, and it looks like the company has a compelling offer. SnapShot reduces power consumption of GPS tagging by separating the capture and the processing of GPS signals, allowing the chip to be only turned on for a short time while obtaining a signal, and then having that data processed by your computer to be imbedded in your photos as they download. Of course, this means you'll have to run your pics through the swGPS software, which can be a bit of a hassle, but no more a hassle than having a GPS module half your battery life. Unfortunately, what NXP doesn't have is a product: they're showing of a credit card-sized accessory module, which could also be easily embedded into a camera, but they're leaving it up to other manufacturers to take the ball and run with it. Until then, we always have our hacks.