Meet the one wheel balancing scooter: suck it, Segway

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Conrad Quilty-Harper
March 9, 2007 4:06 PM
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Meet the one wheel balancing scooter: suck it, Segway
A guy called Ben Smither from Norwich in the UK has put together a hot-as-the-sun personal scooter / skateboard that takes the totally scalable motorized gyroscopic stabilization concept from Segway, and does it with only a single wheel. In all, the project cost about £300 (~$580) in parts, although Ben didn't elaborate on how long it took to put together. You'll also need to have some level of expertise in electronics if you want to build your own -- test yourself: can you say what a H-Bridge driver is without Googling it? -- although we're sure that before long Ben or someone else will use their capitalist prerogative and start selling flat-pack kits for a premium (if they do, then they better watch out for Sony and their Segway-esque skateboard patent application). Until then, we'll have to keep traveling to places using our legs: oh, what a bore.

[Via hackaday]

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