Reader WoWspace of the Week: Feb 28 - March 6

This week's WoWspace setup is brought to us by Kerri, who you may better know as Lysaara of Nox Invictus. I'm not sure which server she's on, but I'm loving the WoWSpace.

Hmmm.. Lets see. I took this a couple weeks ago to show a friend my new monitor, thought I'd send it in...


  • lumpy funky lightbulb for behind the monitors to reduce eye-strain on endless Scholo runs

  • 60Gb iPod (because iTunes can be a resource hog!)

  • diet Coke

  • Nostromo for, as the marketing on its package advertised, "Faster Frags!"

  • 2x3GHz Dual-Core MacPro under the desk

  • gamepad for MAME breaks

  • Sennheisser HD-570 headphones

  • USB Vent headset

  • 23" 16:9 ViewSonic - this is my main display (I took this photo right after the last patch, so I don't have my UI up..)

  • 21" 4:3 Dell - with Yahoo IM, Ventrillo, webBrowser with thottbot, wowwiki, and guild website open

  • Microsoft "Natural Touch" keyboard - I'm a programmer in as my day job, need to avoid that RSI..)

  • various junk under the monitors

  • John Vanderslice, Blackalicious, Joanna Newsome (!), and a couple Phish albums

  • deodorant (hey, a girl's gotta smell nice even though she's raiding..)

  • "power shelf" to the right of the monitors... I have no idea what else to call this, but I ninja'd it from a former employer, and its got switches for all the lights in my room

  • Ott-Lite full-spectrum lamp.. this helps with eye-strain and with Seasonal Depression (I saw the sun here in Seattle last November, as I recall...)

  • Vitamin C - gotta stay healthy and sharp!

  • a pair of Altec Lansing surround sound speakers... normally these live directly behind the monitors, but I'm in the middle of rewiring

  • the rear channels for watching DVDs

  • Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0 - BEST mouse I've ever owned,sadly discontinued. I may get the new 5.0 wireless one at some point, but only once this one dies. It has 2 thumb-buttons that I have mapped to keystrokes in-game. Combined with the Nostromo, I only use my keyboard for chat

As always, keep sending in your WoWspace entries, with a nice description (the more thorough, the more chance of being posted), and a few photos (2 or 3 is best).