Want a free copy of TMNT for the Wii?

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|03.09.07

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Want a free copy of TMNT for the Wii?
Turtle Wii PowerSo do we. However, we've gotta try our hand out and hope the lucky wheel of fate spins our way just like everyone else. We'll be entering WiiTube's TMNT contest, and you should too.

Why? Because it's incredibly simple. All you have to do is head to the site, sign up (be sure to give yourself an avatar), and upload at least one video. That's it. A lucky winner will be chosen at random, hopefully by throwing a Wii-mote at a dartboard and seeing who wins. That's how we would do it, and of course we'd film it and upload that for the next contest.

WiiTube has really been taking off lately. When we first blogged about it, they had around 400 members. These days they're pushing 1700. Plus we've heard that they will also be giving away an entire Wii system soon, so expect that number to go up. Get in on the ground floor while the gettin' is cheap!
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