RIM's BlackBerry 8300 received, photographed

Updated ·1 min read

You know there's nothing we adore more than snapshots of our favorite gear that we sadly can't touch just yet, and the BoyGenius himself has snapped up the elusive BlackBerry 8300 just days after codename "Daytona" first hit the 'net as a plainly labeled evaluation unit. Reportedly, the 8300 is a hair slimmer / smaller than the 8800, features an "outstanding" integrated speaker, and touts a much more manageable and responsive keyboard to boot. Interestingly, his unit didn't seem to sport video recording nor WiFi (bummer), and it was constructed primarily of plastic and soft rubber accents, which apparently added up to a fairly stylish device. The built-in OS was AT&T branded, but did feature a spell checker, fullscreen mode for playing back videos, and the ability to "create your own folders on the home screen and move any applications in and out of those folders." Not much nitty gritty beyond that, but be sure to click on through for a few closeups, and hit the read link for the full rundown of snapshots.