Fido picks up Nokia E62, Sony Ericsson Z710i

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|03.12.07

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Fido picks up Nokia E62, Sony Ericsson Z710i

Canada's other GSM network has picked up a couple goodies that we thought our friends north of the border might be interested to hear about. First up, Fido gets the Nokia E62, bringing some QWERTY S60 action to the carrier's stable, something Cingular customers have been enjoying for a while now -- and like its American counterpart, Fido gets the dumbed-down version sans UMTS rather than the original E61. Next up is the Z710i from Sony Ericsson, a decent midrange clamshell rocking a 2 megapixel cam and a rather portly exterior monochrome display. Look for both in stores now; the E62 will run you $200 CDN (about $170) on a three (yes, three) year contract, while the Z710i will go for $75 (about $64) on the same brutally lengthy agreement -- thank goodness for early upgrades.

[Thanks, Francis P.]

Update: Yep, it seems the Z610i has been kicking around for a little while up there (which is more we can say for any American carrier).
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