g.tec launches ready-to-go brain computer interface kit

We know what you're thinking [1], how come no-one has made any of the variousbraininterfacetechnologies out there into a commercial product? Well, your dream last night [2] took a step closer to becoming reality with the announcement of the "ready-to-go" g.BCIsys Brain-Computer interface kit by the Austrian company g.tec. Out of the box, the BCIsys can play simple games and comes with a P300 spelling device which, with a little training, can read your thoughts and place single letters on a screen. Ok, so you're not exactly going to want to throw away your QWERTY just yet, as the P300 can take as many as 20 "flashes" to correctly read the word that you're thinking; nor should the weight conscious be concerned that Wii Sports will be moving back to the sofa just yet, as the only included game is Pong. Also, this system isn't exactly what you'd call a commercial release (lets just say that g.tec's distribution partners aren't the "one click purchase" type). In fact, we can't find any information about how much the kit costs, or even whether simpletons like us would be allowed to get their hands on one. Little steps, little steps.

[1] No, we didn't place one of the brain interface kits onto your head whilst you were sleeping: it's just a turn of phrase ...

[2] ... honest!

[Via gizmag]